Albie Awards


The Albie awards are EMC’s way of encouraging participation and celebrating our fellow fans. The Albies are intended to acknowledge all the wonderful fannish contributions that made EMC a success.

The Albie process took place during the convention weekend. Fans carried their ballots around during the convention, jotting down nominations for the different categories as they came across people and activities deserving of recognition. There are many categories, but all of them are rooted in appreciation of fans and fannish efforts, such as the Best Moderated Panel I Attended and Fellow Con Member Who was the Most Helpful or Friendly to Me.

The Albies helped make our friendly convention just a little more special for everyone. Thank you for taking part in Albie balloting!

The Second Annual Eastern Media Con
Albie Awards

Most Helpful Fan:
(Con Member who was the most helpful or friendly to me)

Barb Nice-Miller
Wopat Woman
Lorraine Brevig
April Valentine

Best Sportsmanship:
(Recognition for the teammates I most enjoyed participating in games with during the con)

Janet Cruickshank
Kat Weller
Linda McGee
Nancy Goodwin
Charity Flint
Karita Wyr
Barb Nice-Miller
Anne Milan
dreaming jewel
Jamie Richey
FJ Bryan

Super Fan:
(Fan with the best staying power. Someone you’ve seen at fannish events for years and want to acknowledge because they bring something special to fandom)

Lorraine Brevig
Candy Apple
Lady Ra
Lorraine Garcia
Vicki Shaw
Nina Smith
Robert Demko


Best Moderated Panel:

Rachel Bailey- Torchwood/Dr. Who: What Makes Them So Popular
Natlyn- Dr. Who: The Role of the Companions
Wendy Goodman- Harry Potter: Harry & Draco Sitting in a Tree
KatBear- Star Wars TPM: Blue Ghosties Still Alive and Kicking
FJ Bryan- The Professionals: The Ethics of CI-5
KatBear- Star Trek K/S: Still Crazy about K/S After All These Years!


My Favorite Panel:

Book vs Movie     Lord of the Rings     Susan Williams
John Winchester: Love Him or Hate Him     Supernatural     Lady Ra
Hearts and Flowers     Starsky and Hutch      Candy Apple
The Ethics of CI-5     The Professionals     FJ Bryan
Johnny Depp     Actor Panel     Toni Lay
What’s New in Sentinel Fanfic     The Sentinel     Helen W
Working with Wiki     Tech     Sockii

Art Show Awards:

Best 3D Art:

Title of Piece- Artist
Zodiac Stool- Meredith Martini
Harry Potter Book- Meredith Martini
Capt Will Purryer- Susan Williams
Dean Winchester- Rachel Bailey
Fafhrrd, The Northern Barbearian- Susan Williams


Best Art Show Jewelry:

Title of Piece- Artist
Firestorm- Nicole Pelligrini
SGA Bracelet- swtalmud
Cleansing by Fire- Kat Weller


Best Gen Art:

Title of Piece- Artist
4 Seasons – Winter- Sarah Clemens
Magnus & Loki: Boneheads- Sarah Clemens
Past, Present, Future- Montana
Four Flower Dragon Collection- Kathleen Hardy


Best Art Show Portrait:

Title of Piece- Artist
Spock- Lorraine Brevig
Capt. Jack Sparrow- Betsy Mott
Fencing Bodie- Lorraine Brevig
Blue Hutch- Ebe Kastein


Best Slash Art:

Title of Piece- Artist
Hideaway- Romanse
In Your Arms- Marion Jaeckel
Possessed- T. Allison Toland
Headlock- Montana
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes- Suzan Lovett

Best New-To-Me Artist:
(Voted to an artist whose work you are seeing for the first time and really like)

Betsy Mott
Sarah Clemens
Rachel Bailey
T. Allison Toland

Dealer Awards:

Most Enjoyable Dealer’s Table:

Agent with Style – Mysti and Donna
Spacial Anomaly – Sockii

Best New-to-me-Dealer:
(Voted for a Dealer you hadn’t seen before, but enjoyed their table)

Little 1’s Leather
Ldy Gossamer

Vid Show Awards:

Best Humorous Vid:

Vid Title- Fandom- Vidder
Anything the Doctor Can Do-  Dr. Who-  Jagwriter 78 & Rhoboat
Gay Bar-  Mixed-  PR Zed
Zombie Jamboree-  Multi-  Gianduja Kiss
My Brilliant Idea -  SGA-  Lim
I Want Your Sex-  S&H-  Enednoviel                                                

Best Dramatic Vid:

Vid Title- Fandom- Vidder
Battle at Antarctica -  SG1-  Valika
Bookends-  Tour of Duty-  DC
Never Say Die-  Supernatural-  Agt Spooky
Dead Man Walking-  Prison Brea-  Chat Noir
Silver and Cold-  Heroes-  Chat Noir                       

Best Romantic Vid:

Vid Title- Fandom- Vidder
These Two Arms-  Xena-  Killa
Come Undone-  Queer as Folk-  Obsessive 24
I Believe in You-  Strachey-  Diana Williams
Take Me the Way I Am-  S&H-  Ancasta
Here Without You-  SGA-  Valika                 

Favorite Gen Vid:

Vid Title- Fandom- Vidder
Anything the Doctor Can Do-  Dr. Who-     Jagwriter 78 & Rhoboat
You Can’t Lose Me-  Sentinel-  Spirit Guide Productions
Silver & Cold-  Heroes-  Chat Noir
You Can Call Me-  Due South-  SD Wolf Pup
Pretty Fly For A White Guy-  Chuck-  Lesley               

Favorite Slash Vid:

Vid Title- Fandom- Vidder
Lies of Handsome Men-  Multi-  Diana Williams
My Brilliant Idea-  SGA-  Lim
Money Maker-  Psych-  Talitha 78
Come Undone-  Queer as Folk-  Obsessive 24
Still The One-  S&H-  Laura McEwan                                                  

Best Technically Made Vid:

Vid Title- Fandom- Vidder
My Brilliant Idea-  SGA-  Lim
Don’t cha-  Angel/Buffy-  Gianduja Kiss
Battle at Antarctica-  SG1-  Valika
Rogue Vampire-  Moonlight Underworld-  Jagwriter 78
Anything the Doctor Can Do-  Dr. Who-  Jagwriter 78 & Rhoboat   


Special Recognition For Excellence in Leading Workshops:

Beginner Art Workshop:
Lorraine B

Beginner Photoshop Workshop:
Barb Nice-Miller

Beginner Vidding:

How To Tell a Better Story:
C.W. Walker