EMC1 2007 Workshops

The Beginner Costumer – The Competition Costume

A workshop on how to proceed with a costume idea. Making your first costume, be it for the halls of a convention, a masquerade or a competition. Examples using books, costumes, patterns.

Comic Swap and Rec

Bring your extra comics or the copies you don’t want. Swap with others. Recommend titles to other like-minded four-color fans. Comic fans unite!

Law & Order: You the Jury

Participants will be presented with a bill of charges against Law & Order (and, if time permits, its offspring). A “court clerk” will read all charges. The jury will determine the guilt or innocence of each charge. Examples of charges: “overstaying one’s welcome” or “reinventing the legal drama genre.”

Chiseling Away at Writer’s Block

Bring your half-written or someday-to-be-written stories that aren’t going anywhere. Bring props and notes. If you’re shy, give your notes to an un-shy friend. Get advice on how to get your story started or restarted. (If interested, this workshop could be held in the evening as a pajama party!)

The Greatest Story Never Written

Most people have an epic story floating around in their brain. Most of them will never get written. How about entertaining your friends the old-fashioned way? Don’t worry about slogging for hours in front of a computer. Tell your story to eager listeners. (If interested, this workshop could be held in the evening as a pajama party!)

Is Anybody Out There?

Are you a fan of a long-forgotten show? Is your fandom so small it echoes in an empty room? Do you often find yourself the only member of a certain “second-banana” fandom? Are you having trouble hooking up with folks who are into less popular fandoms? How about a fannish mixer that would give fans of tiny or forgotten fandoms a chance to meet?

Town Hall Meeting: Welcome to Barsoom

Through miraculous intervention and having low friends in high places, all the inhabitants of the first permanent Mars Colony are fans! How might fans set it up? Choose a leader/council, name the streets, start the economy, etc.

Hey Buddy, Can you Spare a Ride?

Attending conventions on a budget: Helpful hints for cutting corners without cutting the fun.

Introduction to the Society for Creative Anachronism

What is the SCA? What does it do? How does it enrich fandom? Find out about the kingdom, SCA events, and much more.

You Can Host a Single-Fandom Con!

You love your fandom, so throw it a party! Make friends, influence people (to love your fandom) and learn the dark secrets of the hotel industry. Help and advice on how to go about hosting a single-fandom con from someone who has been in the trenches.

Writing Sex 101

How to write a sex scene that is titillating, arousing and, above all else, believable.